Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome to the Working Week

Well, it's been lovely, but now that things are actually getting started, I probably will not be updating as frequently. My hours during the work week will probably be long and taxing, until I get settled into my house and figure out just how it is that one teaches; my hours on the weekends will probably be spent relaxing and often out of town. The social scene around around these parts is about an hour east of me.

We've had two in-service days so far, and school starts on Thursday. There is also a bat that seems to live in our auditorium and flits around all day while we're doing our training. On the home front, I finally have a mattress, and since I have also stacked my crates into some temporary bookshelves, the place is feeling slightly more homelike. Although it is still a mess, with papers scattered all over the floor.

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