Monday, October 09, 2006

Harney Peak

Here are some photos from last weekend's climb of Harney Peak.

The beginning of the trail.

The intended purpose of the hike was "leaf-peeping" (Matt's phrase), but since most of the Black Hills are covered in Spruce trees, this is the best we got, still at the beginning of the climb.

Halfway up. In the second photo if you look really closely, you can see the tower on top of Harney Peak.

Some rocks on the way up.

En route.

The lookout tower at the top of Harney Peak. This is the highest point between the Rockies and the Pyrenees, apparently.

View down from the tower.

Various views from the peak. In the last one you can see Cathedral Spires. It's hard to believe this is only 2.5 miles from my little house on the prairie.

The lookout tower seems like it was once wired for electricity; I think that must have come from this pumphouse, somehow. You can see the tower at the very top left corner. That's Matt and Ryan lounging on the rocks.

Kim at the top.

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Tim said...

boyce, nice pictures. looks like a beautiful hike.