Monday, October 09, 2006

3-Day Weekend

We took another trip out to Custer State Park this weekend. It's amazing how much more winter-y the park seems after just one week. Here are some pictures, I'll explain this more thoroughly when I have more time.

Bighorn sheep at the State Game Lodge campground. There were also some wild turkey running around, and, more excitingly, a couple buffalo lounging by the road a couple miles back. This time the girls were a little more calm about seeing a buffalo (when we saw one a month ago at night they all started screaming). Kate and Lea went into Custer to purchase some groceries and on the way back apparently saw a buffalo relieving an unfortunately located itch on a fire hydrant. Kate offered us a good re-enactment of what this looked like.

Our camp site. My tent is the close one; I inherited it from my folks, and it's a little bit old. It's got that nice smell of well-used camping gear, and I think we lost a bunch of poles along the way and replaced them with new ones that don't quite fit properly.

A nice creek that ran right behind our site. Note that that is pronounced "crick," mostly because I am ridiculous.

Winter is coming.

Shannon presides over the cook-out.

Anna presides over the fire. We determined that if we had Ryan with us on this expedition, we would have had the triumvirate of camping gurus to take care of us: food (Shannon), fire (Anna), and general camping knowlege (Ryan).

Luke finishes the Crazy Horse Marathon in 3:48.

Dave looks on amused as, leaving Rapid City, the girls attempt to squeeze some left-over Chinese food into an already overpacked car.

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