Sunday, June 11, 2006


We spent the past two days driving from South Dakota to Houston, spending nights in Salina, Kansas, and Irving, Texas. Not too much to note. I took a couple pictures in the middle of Kansas where we stopped for gas, and I'll try to get those up in a little bit. Irving is just outside of Dallas, and I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out with Jake. We did a nice run around the neighborhood where he grew up and enjoyed some Shiner Bock, Lance Armstrong's favorite beer. I'm now moving into my dorm room in Houston for what is supposed to be five very hellish weeks. I probably won't have much interesting to update, or time to update anyway, but maybe I will be able to explore Houston a little bit on the weekends.

Here is a little town in Kansas where we stopped for gas and where I started driving. When we got out of the car it was like stepping into an oven. I forget the name of the town but you might be able to see it on the water tower in the second photo if you look really closely. That's how you know where you are out here.

Here is a view of the Houston skyline off in the distance from my corner room in Moody Towers, University of Houston:

The room is pretty ugly, but we've determined it's the best one on the floor.

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