Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Potential Road Trips

Long time. This blog is supposed to be thematically centered around South Dakota, and short of that, is at least supposed to be a travelogue of my adventures West. Lately everything I've done--Halloween parties, Teach For America meetings in Pierre, lounging around in the Black Hills--, while fun, has not been breaking new ground. I did do a "Hash Run" on Sunday, which I might be able to turn into something interesting. We'll see.

But with Thanksgiving break approaching, I have a chance to do something completely new. I'm not heading East to see the family--I didn't really have enough time to fly out in time for the holiday--and so far I haven't managed to insert myself into any of my friends' family dinners. Seems like a good opportunity to explore some of the wider area, which is really quite extensive since I've hardly made it beyond northern Nebraska. Might go solo, might have Noah in tow.

I'm ready to drive fairly far. Within twelve hours all of the following seem feasible: Wyoming, Colorado, some of Utah, a lot of Montana, southeastern Idaho, and northern New Mexico. I'm thinking National Parks, although weather is a consideration.

Leave any ideas in the comments.

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hikerman said...

National Parks you are thinking about? Ever try going up to Bear Butte or Devils Tower. Since it is a four Holiday for virtually anyone, I think it would be cool. Or better yet, explore the Eastern Part of SD. they have some excellent trails and camping areas as well. Try down towards Yankton. Missouri River is awesome in that area.