Friday, September 21, 2007

French Creek Photos

I don't think these photos really do the canyon justice. It was difficult to photograph everything because the trail was narrow and I could never step back far enough to capture everything.

The first of many crossings of the creek.

French Creek.

Rocks rising out of the canyon.

It's supposed to be a natural area, but there's obviously been some development. Somewhere along French Creek is where gold was first discovered in the Hills, bringing in a rush of prospectors.

The leaves are beginning to turn.

The canyon went up pretty high on both sides.

The creek near where I camped.

My cocoon.

I climbed this in the morning to get warm (not the sheer part, obviously).

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Tim said...

boyce, try adjusting the light settings on your camera, make it manual rather than auto and mess around with it.

also, i feel guilty reading your blog and having nothing to offer in return on my TFA experience. i vow to start one up, regardless of quality.